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Government makes the right decision for a change. Have I missed something? .........

Stewart Cowan, 13/11/08

The New Labour government has already overseen the closure of thousands of post offices throughout the land, so there is relief today as they award the Post Office Card Account (POCA) contract to Royal Mail.

The 900million, five-year contract is expected to save at least 3,000 more post offices from closing as 4.3 million people will still require their services for collecting their pensions or benefits.

Despite the firm PayPoint allegedly bidding less for the contract, James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary, overruled the competitive tendering process due to these "exceptional times".

It is too late for one of the Post Office branches in my area which, despite its popularity, closed this week. There was a huge effort by the community to keep it open. Our MP, Russell Brown (Labour), was keen to be associated with the campaign, despite having voted in the Commons for the ongoing slashing of post office numbers.

Perhaps he will get around to mentioning the failed campaign on his website and maybe thank all the people who were involved, or maybe he will just keep attacking the Tories instead like the first item currently listed on his site.

If you have nothing left to offer, just attack someone else. Pathetic. Just what do we pay these people for? They vote FOR Post Office closures, then they spend weeks fighting to keep THEIR local ones open.

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