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Royal Mail Honours Eugenicist & Nazi Sympathizer .........

added 13/9/08

The Labour Government has already overseen the closure of thousands of Post Offices and the culling continues. The Government and Royal Mail don't seem to care about the social benefits of vital community services, so a new stamp honouring a eugenicist and Nazi sympathiser hardly comes as a surprise.

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Friday, September 12, 2008

Royal Mail is set to honor Marie Stopes, a feminist who opened the first birth control clinic in Britain in 1921 as well as being Nazi sympathizer and a eugenicist who advocated that non-whites and the poor be sterilized, by adopting her image for a new set of stamps.

Stopes, a racist and an anti-Semite, campaigned for selective breeding to achieve racial purity, a passion she shared with Adolf Hitler in adoring letters and poems that she sent the leader of the Third Reich.

The feminist also attended the Nazi congress on population science in Berlin in 1935, while calling for the "compulsory sterilisation of the diseased, drunkards, or simply those of bad character." Stopes acted on her appalling theories by concentrating her abortion clinics in poor areas so as to reduce the birth rate of the lower classes.

Stopes left most of her estate to the Eugenics Society, an organization that shared her passion for racial purity and still exists today under the new name The Galton Institute. The society has included members such as Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of the evolutionist), Julian Huxley and Margaret Sanger.

Ominously, The Galton Institute website promotes its support and funding initiative for "the practical delivery of family planning facilities, especially in developing countries." In other words, the same organization that once advocated sterilizing black people to achieve racial purity in the same vein as the Nazis is now bankrolling abortions of black babies in the third world.

Several prominent individuals have expressed their outrage that Stopes is to be included on the 50p stamp in Britain.

Chaplain to the Stock Exchange Peter Mullen, who is Rector of St Michael's in the City of London, branded Stopes a 'Nazi sympathiser'.

He said: 'She campaigned to have the poor, the sick and people of mixed race sterilised.

'Stopes extended her vile doctrines even to her own family. She cut her son Harry out of her will after he married a near- sighted woman - actually the daughter of Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb deployed by the Dambusters.

'She planned to adopt a child herself-but stipulated that "the boy must be completely healthy, intelligent and uncircumcised".

'The managers of the Royal Mail deserve to be condemned for their honouring Marie Stopes.'

Anthony Ozimic of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said: "Praising Marie Stopes as a woman of distinction should be as unacceptable as praising Adolf Hitler as a great leader."

"Both promoted compulsory sterilisation and thereby the eventual elimination of society's most vulnerable members to achieve what they called racial progress."

Others are now campaigning to return any items of mail with the new stamp on them.

The fact that the image of Stopes was chosen by a group of female academics and historians underscores the very real foothold that eugenics-style thinking still maintains amongst 21st century elitists.

Alex Jones' 2007 documentary End Game exposes how the origins of eugenics began not with Hitler and the Nazis, but in fact with the Anglo-American elite towards the end of the 19th century.

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