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Gordon Brown 'diverts rural aid to bribe voters' .........

added 3/6/08

The Telegraph
By Andrew Pierce and James Kirkup

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Gordon Brown has been accused of attempting to bribe voters as new research shows that billions of pounds of public money is being diverted from rural areas to traditional Labour heartlands.

Official figures show that vast sums have been shifted from Tory-leaning country shires and transferred to Labour-supporting towns and cities over the past decade.

Councils in London are now receiving twice as much per head of population from central government as their rural counterparts, according to statistics from the independent House of Commons Library.

The government funding gap between urban and rural areas has grown dramatically since Labour came to power in 1997.

The research is based on statistics provided by the Commons Library to Philip Dunne, the Conservative MP for Ludlow and chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on rural services.

"Gordon Brown has a simple strategy to win the next election: to bribe his areas of traditional strength with money pinched from Tory-voting shires," Mr Dunne told the Telegraph.

"Central government grants of all kinds to councils and other public bodies have increased far faster in cities and big towns than they have in country area.

"We have witnessed a deliberate policy of switching taxpayers' money from the country to the city. It has been done in secret, with no announcement, no public debate, no explanation and no justification."

Much of local authorities' spending is on schools, and the 20 councils with the biggest increases in education funding are all Labour-controlled.

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