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Labour Encouraging Rural Decline as Vital Services Cut .........

added 16/4/08

Here is more evidence that the Government would like to see the end of rural life in Britain in order to herd the masses into towns and cities full of CCTV cameras. Depriving villages of vital services is one way of encouraging rural depopulation and discouraging community spirit.

Daily Mail

Nearly half of communities have seen the loss of key local services in the past four years, a report reveals.

Towns and villages across the country are losing basic amenities such as post offices, GP surgeries, shops and schools at a record rate.

The Government-commissioned report found that 45 per cent of England's neighbourhoods - 14,493 out of 32,439 - are more 'geographically deprived' than they were in 2004.

It concludes that communities are declining at their 'fastest rate ever', prompting claims that Labour has presided over the 'slow death of community life'.

Critics have accused Labour of masterminding the 'near certain death of the village post office' with its plans to close 2,500 branches by the end of the year.

One in 13 rural primary schools has closed since Labour came to power, and more are under threat as new Whitehall rules mean schools could lose funding by failing to fill their places.

Village GP surgeries are also at risk as the Government promotes its new 'polyclinics'.

The rest of the article can be found here Daily Mail

(Ed: Weak family and community bonds enables more power-grabbing by the Government, hence the attempted destruction of both as we know them. Shame on these people.)