The Truth

MPs again call for compulsory sex lessons for young children - spot the hidden agendas .........

Stewart Cowan, 30/8/08

A cross-party group of MPs has written a letter to the Telegraph calling for the enforcement of sexual health and 'relationships' education in all schools.

This means that children as young as four could be started on compulsory sex education.

Come with me as I show you how people with their own selfish agendas are manipulating the lives of our precious children.

Some appear to be grooming youngsters for a life of homosexuality, while others are ensuring future users of their sexual health "charities".

Of the ten MPs who signed the letter, the most well-known to me and who represent the three parties are as follows - and remember, these are the people who think they know best how children should learn about sex and 'relationships':

1. For Labour: Chris Bryant. As I reported a few months ago, Mr Bryant advocated giving ten-year-olds explicit sex lessons and the report he was responsible for backed sending these young children to sexual health clinics for advice and contraception.

Mr. Bryant is a former vicar who posed in his underpants for a homosexual dating website.

As I said at the time, "Who in his or her right mind gives someone like Mr. Bryant the responsibility of compiling a report on the teaching of sex to young children?"

2. For the Conservatives: John Bercow. He went from staunchly right wing to become much more of a liberal. He did a personal U-turn and voted for reducing the homosexual age of consent to 16. He urged the party to become the champion of gay rights.

3. For the Lib Dems: Evan Harris. Known as Dr. Death for his strong support of abortion and euthanasia, Dr. Harris is an honorary vice president of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, whose website proudly states:

“Human rights before religion!”

In other words, 'gay' rights before the rights of people who practise a religion.

As I often end up saying, there is no such thing as equality, just a hierarchy of ideologies.

What we seem to have is a group of liberals calling for the Government to implement their ideas on sex education - all three above are heavily supportive of 'gay rights' and incidentally, all three voted this year against reducing the abortion limit from 24 weeks. How they must love children and value human life, eh?

At the end of their letter, before the signatures, we read:

"We call on the Government to guarantee appropriate sex and relationship education in every primary and secondary school by putting personal, social and health education on a statutory basis as part of the national curriculum."

Judging by the people involved, the "relationship" part of the "education" will presumably involve the heavy promotion of homosexual behaviour as an acceptable alternative to marriage.

Other than the ten MPs, there were two other signatories on the letter:

Gill Frances Chair, Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group. Look at the "advisors" in this so-called "independent" group which was set up in 2000 to advise the Government on the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy and to monitor its implementation. It seems to me that nigh on every one is expert in dishing out contraception.

One of the Group is Simon Blake who is Chief Executive of Brook, “the leading voluntary sector provider of integrated sexual health services for young people across the UK.” Their raison d’être is offering contraception and abortion ’services.’ Without a conveyor belt of dysfunctional people, their influence over the government diminishes. Is it any wonder they lobby the government to sell sex in primary schools under the pretence it is ‘education?’

Andy Hamflett Chief Executive, UK Youth Parliament London SW1. Last Winter, the UK Youth Parliament was asked to play a leading role in the Government's review of sex education. It supports removing a parent’s right to withdraw their child from sex lessons.

The future of sex 'education' in British schools looks to be as follows:

The 'basics' of sex will be taught to children beginning at four years of age. There will be an incremental, year-on-year, increase in this 'education' so that by the time children become adolescents they will have been brainwashed into believing that all that matters is that they respect everyone's 'lifestyle choice' regarding sexual behaviour and that 'taking precautions' is being 'responsible'.

Contraception and abortion 'services' are already sometimes on offer to twelve-year-old children and without their parents knowledge.

I can foresee nothing emerging from state education that will encourage children to be faithful, righteous, have a sense of self-esteem and be empowered to think for themselves and value their bodies as temples.

As a result, abortions and sexually-transmitted diseases will rise and confused teenagers will be dragged into homosexual lifestyles with the conditioning they have received and the men in particular who will be ready to pounce on them - homosexuals do not reproduce, so they have to recruit.

The readers' comments in the Telegraph are worth reading as they show how people have awakened to the tragic mess left by the Government's programme of sex education.

Will parents rise up against this sick attack on childhood or will they just sit back en masse and let a few dysfunctional MPs and their 'advisors' with agendas ruin children's lives?