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The smack of too much government .........

Stewart Cowan, 9/10/08

First off, I must concede that I pinched the title from Tom Harris MP's website.

Amazingly, I found myself agreeing with this Labour MP, who was until last week, a minister for transport. This is what he wrote:

THERE may well be a vote later on today on the vexed question of whether parents should be allowed legally to smack their children

The amendment to the Children and Young Persons Bill has been tabled by Kevin Barron MP, who also proposed the full smoking ban two years ago.

Should parents smack their children? Probably not. Are those who smack their kids child abusers, or even bad parents? Not usually. Should parents who smack their children be criminalised at the stroke of a parliamentary clerk’s pen? Of course not.

And should police officers’ time be spent investigating the complaint of a three-year-old who’s annoyed because he got a smack on the legs from his harrassed mother? Is that the best use of police resources?

Finally, is it the role of the state to raise other people’s children? Of course not.

Physical chastisement isn’t necessarily (or even usually) abuse. And an unenforceable law would end up being obeyed only by those who are no risk to their children and completely ignored by those who are the worst offenders.

So if we reach that particular amendment while I’m still here, I’ll be voting against.

As it turned out, there was no vote, so parents can still use reasonable chastisement without being locked up and the key thrown away.

As I commented on Tom Harris's blog:

I only remember getting two major beltings from my dad, so I must have deserved them. Maybe a third would have done the trick, but I'm grateful now for the chastisement.

What the government has been doing is slowly-but-surely making normal things criminal to get more people into the 'system'.

What is also absurd is that the same people want to make abortion easier still, like Mary Honeyball MEP and friends.

You can have your unborn child crushed to death and sucked out the womb, but if you let him live, don't dare smack him or you'll have the police round for assault.

I often wonder what can be excused due to mental illness and what is just pure evil.


This article from New Zealand shows one of the negative effects of a smacking ban: turning children against their parents...

An eleven year old reported his dad to the police for hitting him five times on the bottom with a wooden spoon after he was disobedient and about a week later he "clipped" his son around the face.

"Several days later, he was cooking dinner when the police arrested him."

We can see in our society a deliberate agenda of divide and rule tactics and anti-family legislation.

I think pro-ban people are so overtaken with the 'equality' conditioning that they cannot see that smacking a naughty child is totally different from punching an adult.