The Truth

Labour finally delivers its Vision of Utopia: Sodom and Gomorrah .........

by Stewart Cowan, 24/3/08
When I read this story the other day, I thought, that's it: they've done it. Labour and their elite masters and liberal advisors have finally delivered their version of Utopia to our islands: Sodom and Gomorrah - the natural result of all their policies.

The headline reads, "School arranges morning-after pills for girls of 14 after end-of-term party descends into drunken orgy."

The party was held in the village institute in Wray, Lancashire, a few miles from their school in Cumbria. The children were left unsupervised, seemingly by arranging everything themselves and forging adults' signatures.

The deputy head of Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria, Alison Hughes, advised parents by letter that children had drunk "significant and harmful quantities" of alcohol as well as taken illegal drugs.

She warned that underage sex among the partygoers, aged between 14 and 16, had been widespread and raised concern about the risk of pregnancy or sexually-transmitted diseases.

She said most of the girls who had sex "were too drunk to be in control of themselves. The risks are real. Assume the worst."

The girls were referred for sexual health care which of course is a euphemism for abortion pills being prescribed.

Some reports say that children were performing sex standing up outside in public.

How has it come to this?

Why did these youngsters think so little of themselves and their friends and the people of the village to behave like this?

As far as the children having sex is concerned, you can look to Labour's agenda of sexualising children and also the media bosses who fill the television screens, newspapers and magazines with constant images designed to titillate everyone from young children upwards.

From the scantily clad 'icons' like Britney and Kylie to the Bratz dolls, children are being conditioned to dress and behave like these sad 'role models'. Rather than enhancing their childhood, they are having it ended prematurely and replaced with a sort of no man's land where their psyches are filled with abnormal images of human behaviour and exhibitionism.

Why all the alcohol and drugs?

Again, the 'education' and media have been draining the souls out of children so that they feel they need these things in order to have some sort of meaning in their lives.

They learn from the education system's religion of atheism that they are no more than mutated pond slime - genetic accidents in a world that does not make sense to them.

Just as Government websites promote underage sex, they also promote drug use in my opinion. The website Know the Score allegedly exists to help young people know about different drugs, their pleasurable effects and the risks involved. It then appears to be up to the reader to decide whether it is worth the risk of taking a certain drug or not.

The psychology is very important and it seems to be so wrong that it must be deliberate. For example, "Know the Score". Why? My dad advised me if I was offered drugs to always say 'no'. There was not much around when I was growing up in the Seventies, but I never forgot his words of warning and I never have taken illicit drugs.

If he had sat me down and told me about all the various drugs, their pleasurable effects and the health risks involved then I would have been more likely to experiment. It is giving the impression that it is alright to experiment as long as you have the facts, like the implication that unmarried teenage sex is fine as long as you take precautions and that abortion is a good thing: a woman's 'choice'.

This is how mature the people at Know the Score are. At the time of writing, their online poll is this:

"Think you know the score?

Cannabis has been re-classified from a class B drug to a:

a) Class Z

b) Class C

c) Class 7D with Mrs Williams

think you know?"

They want children to "know" about drugs, like they want them to be "thinking" about sex with such sites as R U Thinking. This site has recently been redesigned and some of the more disturbing material seems to have been removed, such as the cartoon condom logo.

Although the advice given includes, "whatever your age, you shouldn't have sex until you feel ready," it advises children that although the age of consent remains at 16, "it is not intended that the law should be used to prosecute mutually agreed teenage sexual activity between two young people of a similar age, unless it involves abuse or exploitation."

And of course reminders that "you still have the right to confidential advice on contraception, condoms, pregnancy and abortion, even if you are under 16."

Instead of doing the decent thing and promoting abstinence, self-control and self-respect, they like to remind children they can have consensual underage sex so you see, they really do not care about reducing teenage sex. They are constantly planting seeds in young minds that have the opposite effect to the pretended one.

So-called sexual health is just one area where the 'authorities' are attempting to devalue family life by encouraging children to disregard their parents' influence, support and love.

Adding up all the evidence, it becomes clearer why young lives are being ruined, why society is crumbling and who is behind it.

It is also clear what needs to happen to reverse the situation. Educate the people and the politicians (the ones who can still think for themselves and have not sold their own souls to the Party) and change the new state religion of atheism back to Christianity; encourage children to feel good about themselves to counter the negativity they feel from the pressure to look 'perfect' like the models and pop stars.

Appropriate, sane, moral advice has to be given instead of harping on about 'rights' to a sex life for youngsters who are not emotionally or physically prepared.

Drug use must not be encouraged by making it seem like it is just another choice in life: take it or leave it; it's up to you.

Why do the 'authorities' want children to be thinking about sex and drugs?

There have been calls recently for five-year-olds to be taught about sex and for young children to be made to believe that all forms of "love" and relationships are equal to marriage and normal family life.

Again, this is sheer conditioning, under the evil of Political Correctness in order to weaken families and so weaken society that the people can be controlled more easily.

A monstrous society is being DELIBERATELY engineered that is filling the minds of children with images of sex for the purpose of producing dysfunctional future generations to break down families, to promote 'alternative' (unnatural, unfulfilling, dangerous, sinful, destructive) lifestyles, to deprive people of hope, to control every aspect of their lives, even their habits, beliefs and instincts.

People in 'high' places are ultimately responsible for this agenda and the wickedness has filtered down into many institutions where it has been accepted as truth and continued with despite the problems they think they are attempting to solve getting worse all the time.

The campaign to make atheism Britain's official religion at the expense of Christianity is very, very serious indeed and the implications have to be grasped before it is too late. We are seeing our country being destroyed because of it and the people being enslaved by fear, confusion and a feeling of hopelessness. The Bible's warning is clear about a city that rejects the gospel:

"Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city." (Matthew 10:15)