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Police taser 89-year-old in Llandudno .........

Stewart Cowan, 14/1/09


A confused elderly gentleman who walked out of his care home in north Wales on Saturday was reported to the police of having "absconded".

The 89-year-old was found in a quiet street threatening to cut his own throat with a piece of glass.

It appears that, rather than try to calm down and comfort him, the decision was made by "specially trained officers" to shoot the old man with 50,000 volts.

Ten thousand tasers have been ordered for police forces across England and Wales.

People are going to die here as hundreds have in the USA.

As I reported in November, the Metropolitan Police do not want more tasers in case the fear generated causes divisions between the public and police.

I guess that is the whole point. Teach the proles to fear. If some officers do not have the ability to calm down an old man without tasering him and risk inducing a heart attack, how can we expect them to react appropriately to a group of protestors or even a domestic argument?

The old man's nephew said his uncle "could recall the excruciating pain of the Taser and had said he had been very frightened."

First, it was on-the-spot fines. Now, it is on-the-spot pain. Well done Jacqui Smith and New Labour.

Never mind; millions of people will still vote for you regardless of what you have in store for us. That is the beauty of your edukashun system - millions of people have been raised by the State to neither know nor care.

You are very sick people.

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