The Truth

Taxman to enter your Premises unannounced & other breaches of our Liberty.........

by Stewart Cowan, 14/3/08
As the conditioning continues that aims to turn us all into compliant slaves of the system, the taxman has been given the power to turn up at business premises unannounced to demand to look through the accounts. People who work from home will also face the possibility of being raided.

This article in the Daily Mail explains,

"At present, a tax inspector has to provide strong evidence of criminal activity and persuade a judge or magistrate to issue a search warrant.

But, under the new rules, they will not need a search warrant - or any evidence of criminal activity."

We learn that, "The taxpayer can refuse to let the tax inspector enter his office, or home, but could face a stiff penalty for doing so."

If someone is suspected of cooking the books then of course they should be investigated, but only within a proper legal framework.

Guilty till proven innocent

This seems to becoming more prevalent in society. We read reports of young troublemakers being reprimanded by responsible members of the public, but the youngsters make up stories of having been physically challenged and the person who intervened gets locked in a cell until the situation is clarified.

Last month I moved into my new home and a few days later received a welcoming letter from TV Licensing. The bold lettering at the top reads,

"Important: Please respond to this letter by 26th February to avoid your details being passed on to our Enforcement Division for investigation."

Do you see the type of language these people use nowadays to try and scare us? "Enforcement Division" conjures up images of real trouble ahead, perhaps people with vivid imaginations envisage squad cars screeching up onto the pavement outside their house. Even if you have already bought a new licence, or do not watch television, you still get the threat.

I telephoned the number on the letter, firstly to thank them for their nice welcome to my new home and then I explained that I only watch DVDs on my television and so do not require a licence. (I cancelled my licence in 2005. The blasphemous Jerry Springer, the Opera was the last straw, so I refused to provide for the BBC any longer).

The lady I spoke to said that was OK and that she would schedule a visit for somebody to call round to my house and check. I told her that was not acceptable so she made a note of my comment. I asked her for the name of the CEO or managing director so I could complain, but she was working at a call centre and did not know this most basic information.

We may soon be facing the prospect of Council employees or 'authorities' as they sometimes like to call themselves (again, important use of language to make us feel insignificant and therefore compliant). They may want to check that we are using energy-saving light bulbs or the state of repair of our homes so that they can charge us more council tax.

The possibilities are becoming endless for snooping 'authorities' to try and enter our homes and businesses without a legally obtained search warrant and without due cause for entering.

If you've got nothing to hide, you don't need to worry.

That's what I used to think as well and it might even have been true at one time. I pay my taxes and I do not watch broadcast television, so I have nothing to hide, but I do not want people turning up at my door demanding that they have the 'authority' to enter my premises.

When all these government departments start setting themselves up as 'authorities' demanding instant admittance to your home or business, then it is time to worry.