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Sycophants required for new Labour blog .........

Stewart Cowan, 11/1/09

New Labour has soft launched its new blog,, which is edited by Derek Draper.

Unlike ConservativeHome, which is independent of the Tory Party, this new Labour site is by the Labour Party machine and intended to be the place "Where Labour minded people come together."

Yesterday, comments were unmoderated, although some vanished in time. I submitted an offer (in jest) to write for them as a guest blogger. This has, to date, remained on the site.

My reply to Northern Monkey, a regular contributor at LabourHome, was deleted (along with his comment).

Comment moderation has now been activated on a trial basis, so it remains to be seen if they are going to be ultra-picky in making sure that the Party is not 'dissed' (as it deserves to be).

It is hard to see how they can possibly expect to last if any fairly mild negative remark, like the one above, fails to be approved.

I tried many times to comment on stories on Labour's main website, but my comments were removed, normally within a couple of hours. I didn't swear, I made comments such as this with regard to Ken Livingstone "feeling great" while out on the street campaigning for the London Mayoral election last Spring.:

This comment was removed as was the following one, needless to say.

I see the craven cowards at New Labour are not now inviting comments on their 'news' stories.

You can say what you like about Tom Harris MP, but he is prepared to do what most of his scaredy-cat colleagues will not - invite and publish negative comments.

It has been suggested that Tom lost his position as Trains' Minister because of his blog. I say he is better off out of a government of congenital liars and moral cripples.

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